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Philadelphia Caterer
Haunted Halloween Menu

Adult Cocktail Party for 100 guests

Sample Menu
Haunted Forest Display

Broccoli Trees overlook an eerie display of Vegetables & Cheese with Marshmallow Ghosties

Bat Wings with Swamp Dip
Spicy Jumbo Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese & Celery

Vampire Steaks
Skewers of Beef Satay served with Teriyaki Dip

Monster Claws
Chicken Fingers with Green Pepper Claws served with Honey Mustard

Moose Droppings
Cocktail Meatballs

Dead Cow in a Coffin
Cocktail Franks with Deli Mustard

Toxic Waste
Classic Bruschetta served with Garlic Croustinis

Dragon’s Blood punch
Apple juice, Cranberry Juice & Ginger Ale with requisite floating hand

Spider Cookies & Boo-licious Brownies

Bloody Fingers
Lady Fingers with Raspberry Jam, Confectioner’s Sugar & Almond Slices

Worms in Dirt
Our famous Chocolate Mousse Pie with Gummy Worms


Buffet Décor

Too scary to mention. Unless your guests are children. Then we lighten it up a bit.

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